My New Site, Logo & Updated Vanity!

OK, so I know it hasn't been up for too long, but being a neat freak, I decided to give my site a little bit of a cleanup, I'm thinking it looks a bit more refreshing, not to mention easier on the eye!

Did you also happen to spot my new logo?? #happydays!!


The old site (a Wix hosted site) will still be accessible by the old wix-links, but moving forward all traffic will (hopefully) come straight here!  I have ventured into the world of self hosting and WordPress.  So far so good!  A lot of options for customisation but it does take a little playing with to get used to all the features - and boy are there a lot of features!

While I am here, you may have seen on Instagram, I upgraded the lighting on my vanity so that I can do a few videos.  Ikea is always my preferred choice for my DIY projects.  I bought two of the Musik Wall Lamps.  As many of you will know, there is no Ikea yet in Bahrain, so I asked a dear friend to pick them up for me from the Saudi store.  In my excitement, I forgot to ask for bulbs, wires, and plugs.  Ladies, bear in mind, you will have to wire this up yourself.  I took mine to a local electrical store to have it wired, and then had to go to another store to pick up the bulbs.  I love the outcome, but another word of warning, these light get real hot real quick,  I am thinking about possibly putting in a lower wattage of bulbs, will test them out and let you know! What do you think?  Any tips for me?

Vanity 1


Vanity 3

As always, hoping you are having a blessed day!

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