So during my mini hiatus from my lovely blog - trials and tribulations of having a 9 - 5... I found I had an influx of "interest" on my site.  First one, then two and eventually fourteen new "subscribers"!  I was confused as I knew I had been lacking in the posting arena, so I wondered why all these people were suddenly subscribing.  Then, tonight as I finally made time to sit down and do a little writing, it dawned on me... I don't even have a "Subscribe" button on my blog!!  I don't think I have ever logged on to my blog quicker....  For the love of God! Please don't tell my my site has been hacked!  I logged in and opened up my site, almost sure that I was going to find a load of obscene photos where my blog posts should be!


Thankfully this was not the case!  Although on closer inspection, I found each of the email addresses of my new subscribers was on a "spambot" list somewhere or other in the wwwuniverse (yes - that is the technical term for, it is pronounced wooniverse).  So folks, no, I have not become an overnight blogging sensation, and no, I shall not be leaving it this long before updating, or even sending you all a little "Hello, I'm still here" note!

So my blog about lashes was hijacked with my robot fans, but check out my next post... hint... I am going to Youniquely blow you away... hehe!

OK, so I know it hasn't been up for too long, but being a neat freak, I decided to give my site a little bit of a cleanup, I'm thinking it looks a bit more refreshing, not to mention easier on the eye!

Did you also happen to spot my new logo?? #happydays!!


The old site (a Wix hosted site) will still be accessible by the old wix-links, but moving forward all traffic will (hopefully) come straight here!  I have ventured into the world of self hosting and WordPress.  So far so good!  A lot of options for customisation but it does take a little playing with to get used to all the features - and boy are there a lot of features!

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