About Me!

grid-cell-20270-1385856552-16Welcome to my (latest) blog ladies! Let me start by clarifying, I am not and never will be an internet "makeup guru" (my makeup disasters are testament to that!)  I am a self proclaimed makeup critic!  I simply set up this blog because I have super sensitive skin so I have to be very careful when choosing makeup.  Before I buy a product, I spend hours trawling the internet for honest reviews from people like you and me.

I know the brands are going to tell me their product is amazing, I know if someone is being paid to "review" a product it may well be amazing too, but I wanted to share my experiences with the products that I use.
Based in Bahrain, a lot of the products I buy are usually bought online, which gives me the added benefit of helping you ladies out with some shipping/delivery advice for different websites too!
So please, sit back, have a read, and let me know your views on any products I have reviewed, or if there are any you recommend I review.
love and light!


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